And furthermore…

Well, I definitely felt better all day after the long cathartic post earlier!  I could have gone on and on, but I thought rest would probably help me through today better that more catharsis.

Not much different today…just a shorter day for me and therefore less crap to deal with.

Of course there is the pharmacy issue…the one where the Pharmacist wants to make me look like an idiot to my patient by pointing out this life-threatening risk of Stevens Johnson Sd with sulfa allergy…and of course the diuretic he is on has a sulfur molecule in it.  Never mind the fact that she has been on same diuretic in one form or another for at least five years without any evidence of allergy.   I sure am glad someone saved her life on that issue!  Oh…and he pointed out to her that he is “a doctor who specializes in medications,” as he patient so confidently pointed out to me.


About drladoo

Internal Medicine physician, wife, mother of two, follower of Christ.
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